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2014 Kurt OT3 Bang Masterlist

2014 Kurt OT3 Bang Participants

The following nine stories and their accompanying art/fanmixes are the completed works of the 2014 Kurt OT3 bang. Our continued thanks to all the authors, artists, and beta-readers who participated in this bang.

Angels: Undercover Avengers

Author: melissa_maier90
Artist: ca_babs
Pairing: Kurt/Puck/Dave
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Humor/Romance/Adventure/Crime-Fighting
Warnings: Language, Poly-Relationship (M/M/M), sexual situations, and graphic violence; including minor OC character death
Word count: 15,147
Summary: Once upon a time there were three boys who went to the police academy. They weren’t happy with their duties, so I took them away from all that, and now they work for me.
My spin on Charlie’s Angels – Glee style. Follow Kurt, Noah, and David on a fun, exciting, and sexy adventure that leads to more than just a career change. The boys solve a crime and find each other along the way.

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The Distance Between Us

Author: mariekjepower
Artist: patchfire
Pairing: Kurt/Mike/Quinn
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Friendship/Romance
Warnings: Internalized Biphobia
Word count: 29,375
Summary: (AU after 4x22) After declining Blaine's proposal, Kurt finds comfort in talking with Mike and Quinn. In a short time, they grow closer than they have ever been. But things change when they all have to leave Lima to go back to their respective new homes. Especially when they miss each other more than they should miss people that are 'just friends'.

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The Dragon's Embrace

Author: pterawaters
Artist: greenglowsgold
Pairing: Kurt/Finn/Puck, brief Puck/Sam
Rating: R
Genre: Fantasy, Royalty, Dragons
Warnings: Kidnapping, homophobia
Word count: 50,310
Summary: Prince Finn finally gets to step out of his father's shadow and conduct negotiations with their neighbor, Draconia. When the negotiator from Draconia ends up being King Burt's son, Prince Kurt, Finn finds himself more than a little enamored with him. Unfortunately, Finn's father, King William, doesn't take well to Kurt's flirtations with Finn. Kurt can't let an insult stand, even if it's from a King, so he kidnaps Finn in the dead of night. Puck is Finn's knight, and will do anything to get his Prince back, even if it means traveling into a country full of dragons by himself.

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John Doe

Author: coincidental_penalties and watchforwalkers (wfw_and_c_p)
Artist: kinngirl89
Pairing: Kurt/Finn/Rachel; Quinn/Puck, Blaine/Sam
Rating: PG-13 (with optional NC-17 chapter 9b)
Genre: Romance; Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: Canonical character death, medical terminology, mental/physical trauma
Word count: 57,071 (plus 6,678 in chapter 9b)
Summary: Philadelphia has fallen in love with the John Doe brought in to Jefferson Hospital's emergency room with his pockets filled with a strange assortment of objects, but no ID. When Kurt sees John Doe's picture on the evening news in New York, he can't believe what he's seeing, and Rachel won't believe it. Finn Hudson died two years ago; he can't be the man in the pictures.

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Kurt Hummel's Road Map to Romance

Author: ca_babs
Artist: kennagirl
Pairing: Kurt/Finn/Dave
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Adventure/Romance
Warnings: discussion of red light districts/prostitution, possible heavy drinking although the characters are of age in Europe, fluff
Word count: 35,700
Summary: Thirteen adventure filled days in Europe sounds like a dream to Kurt; in fact, it's his dream honeymoon. Except, he’s not the groom, it’s not his honeymoon, and Dave Karofsky is the last person he expected to run into on a trans-Atlantic flight.

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The Snow King

Author: geeky_ramblings
Artist: patchfire
Pairing: Finn/Puck/Kurt; Puck/Jesse
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Alternate Universe, Fairytale, Frozen Fusion
Warnings: Angst, Bad Parenting, Emotion/Psychological Abuse, Homophobia, Intolerant Parents, Oppression, Tyrannical Rulers, Unjust/Unfair Laws
Word count: 17,459
Summary: Finn’s powers has brought an eternal winter to his kingdom; Kurt and Noah (with the help of a snow-woman named Brittany and a reindeer named Artie) try to convince him to turn the weather back into summer.

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Songsbirds Don’t Sing “Candles”

Author: patchfire & raving_liberal
Artist: firefox1490
Pairing: Kurt/Finn/Puck; Past Finn/Quinn, Past Puck/Lauren
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Wacky, cracky comedy
Warnings: Warblers, birds, Klaine never happens
Word count: 21,731
Summary: Some birds don't belong in a cage, no matter how well-meaning the Warblers are. Kurt and Pavarotti share a similar fate at Dalton; Kurt may be wearing a blazer, while Pavarotti has a blanket over his cage, but both are kept from singing and both of them desperately need to spread their wings and take to the sky again. Puck and Finn assist Kurt in executing a bird heist and transferring back to McKinley, just in time for regionals.

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Three’s a Crowd

Author: kattseyedemon
Artist: water_singer
Pairing: Kurt/Hunter/Sebastian
Rating: R
Genre: Alternate Universe, Rom-Com
Warnings: Slurs, gay bashing, D/s moment, brief violence, sexual content, soulmate au, telepathy
Word count: 10,770
Summary: When you hit puberty, you start hearing the voice of your soulmate. It is a wonderful thing, something that many children dream and fantasize about, meeting their soulmate and revelling in that static shock of completion.

Unfortunately, Kurt Hummel wished he was able to physically smack his soulmates. That’s right. Soulmates. Plural.

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We’ll Never Really Say Goodbye

Author: kinngirl89
Artist: raving_liberal
Pairing: Kurt/Finn/Puck
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Hurt/Comfort with Supernatural influences
Warnings: Major character death, implied minor character deaths, infidelity, discussion of mental stability
Word count: 14,006
Summary: When Kurt accepts Blaine’s proposal, he thinks his life is finally back on track. But his brother’s sudden death throws Kurt into a tailspin. Everything in his life starts to fall apart as he is haunted by the ghost of his brother. When Blaine begins to complain that he can’t compete against a ghost and suggests they postpone the engagement and wedding, Kurt is crushed. Feeling the need to confess to someone that he honestly believes he sees, hears, talks to Finn, Kurt takes off in search of Finn’s best friend, Noah ‘Puck’ Puckerman. If anyone is going to believe him, maybe it is Puck. Or at the very least, Puck is going to tell him he’s lost his fucking mind. Kurt’s salvation comes in an unorthodox manner and unlikely form.

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