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Three's a Crowd by KattsEyeDemon

Title: Three's a Crowd
Author: kattseyedemon
Artist: water_singer
Pairing(s): Kurt/Hunter/Sebastian
Rating: Mature
Genres: Alternate Universe, Rom-Com
Warnings: slurs, gay bashing, D/s moment, brief violence, sexual content, soulmate au, telepathy
Spoilers: None
Summary: When you hit puberty, you start hearing the voice of your soulmate. It is a wonderful thing, something that many children dream and fantasize about, meeting their soulmate and revelling in that static shock of completion.

Unfortunately, Kurt Hummel wished he was able to physically smack his soulmates. That’s right. Soulmates. Plural.

Wordcount: 10,770

Three's a Crowd by Kattseyedemon
Artwork by water_singer

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