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We'll Never Really Say Goodbye by kinngirl89

Title:We'll Never Really Say Goodbye
Author: kinngirl89
Genres:Hurt/Comfort with Supernatural influences
Warnings: Major character death, implied minor character deaths, infidelity, discussion of mental stability
Spoilers: through 5x03
Summary: When Kurt accepts Blaine’s proposal, he thinks his life is finally back on track. But his brother’s sudden death throws Kurt into a tailspin. Everything in his life starts to fall apart as he is haunted by the ghost of his brother. When Blaine begins to complain that he can’t compete against a ghost and suggests they postpone the engagement and wedding, Kurt is crushed. Feeling the need to confess to someone that he honestly believes he sees, hears, talks to Finn, Kurt takes off in search of Finn’s best friend, Noah ‘Puck’ Puckerman. If anyone is going to believe him, maybe it is Puck. Or at the very least, Puck is going to tell him he’s lost his fucking mind. Kurt’s salvation comes in an unorthodox manner and unlikely form.
Wordcount: 14,000

by kinngirl89
Fanmix by raving_liberal

Tags: completed entries: 2014
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